Hamish Henderson Tribute Vol 2 - Battle Of The Banffies


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17 tracks: Ballad Of The Banffies (Cameron Nixon) * Here’s To The Maiden (Fiona Hunter) * Banks of Sicily (John Morran) * Hamish Introduces Tail Toddle (Hamish) * Tail Toddle and Instrumental Solo (John Morran & Marc Duff) * The Presence (Fiona Hunter) * The Roads To Rome (Cameron Nixon) * Soo Sewin Silk (Fiona Hunter) * The Speaking Heart (John Morran) * Katzel Henderson (fiddle tune played by Euan McLaughlin) / En Marche (poem read by Fred Feeman) * Nou Jeannie Dear (John Morran) * Sodge Ye The Cotton Spinners (Hamish) * Brief Discussion on Blossom In The Spring (Stuart MacGregor) * Blossom In The Spring (Cameron Nixon) * Goettingen Nicht (Fiona Hunter) * Aunty Mary / Wee O’Hara (Hamish) / Hamish’s Mad Version of El Alamein (Fred Freeman) * Rivonia (South African singing group Atte).
  • Model:CDTRAX410