Folk Legacy – Historic live recordings from our archives


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Folk Legacy – Historic live recordings sampling the treasures of our archives – FOLKLEGACY1 These are now historic live recordings from the Girvan Folk Festival. We believe that this is an important archive giving considerable insight into performers from Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales. The recordings include the interaction between artist and audience. As ‘live’ recordings they may not be perfect – but then again they may be! These two CDs were compiled to give a flavour of the archive. ARTISTS INCLUDE: Arcady, Altan, Boys of the Lough, Dave Burland, Deanta, Dervish, Bob Fox, The Gaugers, Tony Hall, Heather Heywood, Highland Connection, Jolly Jack, Norman Kennedy, The Kipper Family, John Kirkpatrick, Iain Mackintosh, Cathal McConnell & Tim O’Leary, Adam McNaughtan, Mirk, Gerry O’Connor & Francie McPhail, Ossian, Quadrille, Bobby Robb, Setanta, The Voice Squad, Waterson:Carthy, Huw & Tony Williams. CD 1: Tunes, Arcady; Singer of Songs, Iain Mackintosh; Tunes, Paddy’s Trip to Scotland, Dervish; Patagonia, Mirk; Transportation Ballads, Adam McNaughtan; Tunes: The Lancers / Petronella, Boys of the Lough; Adieu to Old England, John Kirkpatrick; Lovely Jessie, Heather Heywood; Ye Lovers All, Cathal McConnell & Tim O’Leary; Sally Wheatley, Bob Fox; Whistling Monologue, The Kipper Family; Donal Agus Morag, Altan CD 2: When First I Came to Caledonia, Waterson:Carthy; The Baleana, Bobby Robb; Tunes, Highland Connection; I Can Jump Puddles, Huw & Tony Williams; Tunes, Setanta; The Deadly Wars, The Gaugers; Tunes, Quadrille; As I Roved Out, The Voice Squad; Tunes, Deanta; Schooldays Over, Dave Burland; Yarmouth Town, Tony Hall; Puirt, Norman Kennedy; Tunes, Gerry O’Connor & Francie McPhail; The Northwest Passage, Jolly Jack; I’m a working chap / Tunes, Ossian