Eric Bogle - The Source Of Light


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Recorded in late 2021 in Australia, Eric Bogle surrounded himself in the studio with some amazing talent.

Songs written by Eric Bogle are: The Old Dog’s Song (a song for your wellbeing); The Armageddon Waltz (we’re all doomed - maybe?); Embers (memories mostly comfort or hurt); Song For Susan (written in memory of percussionist Jon Jones’ late partner); The Source of Light (countries torn apart by war); If She Ever Dreamed (Eric returns to sing of his mother Nancy); A Cottage In The Country (an idyllic little cottage in the country?); The Flag (like many of us Eric hates fascists!); Catching The Wave (about a well-known Australian figure on the folk scene); When The Last Tree Falls (we’re all doomed – Part Deux); A Dear John Letter (written for our dear mate - linked to Mind The Gap, a tune for John); and If I Should Wake (an a capella song - learn the words and sing, says Eric).

There is one song written by John Munro (The Border), two by Peter Titchener - Eric’s Never Written a Song About Me (sung by Peter) and The Girl in The Photo - and a tune by Emma Luker (Mind The Gap).

Pete Titchener also produced the album, and Emma Luker designed the artwork.

  • Model:CDTRAX415

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