Battlefield Band - Dookin'


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Battlefield Band - Dookin'

Group / band

Thirty years and still going strong. The line-up of fiddle, pipes, whistles, accordion, bouzouki, guitar, keyboard, and bass between the 4 members gives plenty of options for arrangements for the songs and tunes. -

No tricks, no gimmicks Just very fine music

Dookin' For Beetroot; I'm Going To Set You Free; Och' Is Duine Is Truagh Mi; My Luv's Like A Red Red Rose; Song For Selangor; Kitty Got A Clinking Coming From The Fair; The Ballad Of Accounting; Ton Bale Leon Braz; Cillephaedair; Gathering Storm; The Blue Lagoon; Allan McLean; Paddy Maloney's Welcome To Scotland.

  • Model:COMD2100

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