Can’t Do This On My Own - by Alistair Russell


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Book: Can’t Do This On My Own 13.99 “My memory for detail has been my best friend in writing this book, and I hope to take you round the world with me, sharing the laughter and tears which my career in Celtic folk music has brought with it.” Alistair Russell has been singing and playing folk music since his teens, and a professional musician and sound engineer for over thirty years. He sings songs mainly from his family homeland Scotland, its neighbour Ireland, self-penned songs inspired by his world-wide travelling with Battlefield Band, and any other song that takes his fancy. He grew up in the North-East of England, with Scottish parents who had a rich fund of songs of their own - music hall favourites, Harry Lauder songs, sentimental ballads and stage Irish songs which his father brought back from working on contract. This book gives the inside story of life on the road as a musician – but it is much more than that. Eric Bogle – in his endorsement of the book gives an idea of what to expect: “A detailed and absorbing account of the life of a travelling (folk)musician over the last 4 decades or so. Any musician who has trod this same path over the same period of time, and there are a few of us still around and vertical, will recognise immediately many of the places, situations, people, etc. etc. that Alistair writes about. For me it was a wee comfortingly familiar and sometimes bittersweet amble down memory lane. Bittersweet, because much of that world chronicled in Alistair’s book is gone and it’s not coming back. But, as ever, the music will adapt to changing times, circumstances and human frailties. Undaunted, “the song goes on”…. Eric Bogle: NOTE: This book is also available to buy directly from Alistair’s website – Orders taken through this Tradition Bearers shop will be fulfilled by Alistair and posted from his base in Whitby, North Yorkshire.
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